How do we define Spring in Five Element Acupuncture?


All around us we can see nature bursting forth: from the vibrancy of fresh blossom to the dynamic growth of a new plant, forcing its way upwards through the soil.  Colour is bursting through: the yellow of primroses & cheery bright daffodils, followed later by the vibrant colours of tulips. Elsewhere green shoots of plants in the border abound. Seedlings push through the soil with a vigour no-one thought possible. Signs of activity are there: from the woolly buds on trees to the bleating of lambs in the fields: all symbols of new life and new hope.  True, it’s not always sunny, it can be rainy, squally, windy…. but full of vigour.

The Wood element

The Wood Element is related to spring: full of action.  We all have all five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) in us.  When they are balanced, our energy flows well. When not… we feel out of sorts, not ourselves.  Within us, the wood element gives a sense of purpose and direction.  It engenders our need to develop and ability to adapt, a goal.  It is responsible for our plans and decisions. How apt that at this time of year many of us are planning the summer holiday, changes to a garden or veg plot, or thinking about possible changes in career, or the direction of our lives?  The wood element in us gives us the ability to see the potential, our ability to get to our goals, our planning (and contingency planning), and the ability to make the decisions to get the job done.

When it is flexible, wood moves and adapts easily. When it is stuck it becomes frustrated, full of unexpressed anger and resentment.  Instead of stifling the creative surge of energy, it needs to be given the space to expand outwards. By providing space it can breathe and embrace the growth that will bring it through to the maturity of summer, the fire element.

If you’re not feeling quite yourself, or ready to burst forth with the joys of spring, get in touch… Acupuncture helps restore the natural balance of energy within us to help us back to health.



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