Glass of water

Water. L’eau. Agua. H2O.  Want better health? Then drink it!  (love a misleading headline for a blog… did you fall for it?)


Drinking water is the single most important thing you can do for your health, according to Five Element Acupuncture.  Why?

  1. It keeps your organs (kidneys, liver, heart, brain, stomach etc) hydrated.  We all know this, and I think there have been enough articles written elsewhere, so I’ll move on…
  2. In Chinese Medicine, the main organs are linked to meridians (energy channels) that run throughout your body.  These channels need to be kept hydrated.  The longest channel (bladder channel) runs from your head to your toes – that’s a long way, and every inch needs  to work at optimum performance for good health.
  3. Each of these organs is seen to have a function in your body that goes beyond the physical: they are seen to help us plan, make decisions, process thoughts. Have you ever struggled to think straight, then had a glass of water? Try it… you may be surprised at how much it helps!

How much water should I drink?

The average adult should be drinking about 8 glasses/2 litres per day.  If this sounds a lot, add up the amount of coffee, tea or cans you are swilling down without thinking… and try swapping a couple for water.  Just remember: it doesn’t contain caffeine, or sugar (or sugar substitutes), so you’ll be helping your energy levels naturally.  Keep a bottle by your desk, or a glass by the sink, and set yourself a target by lunchtime. It’s always better to spread the intake over the day – if you try and guzzle down a couple of pints pre-bedtime you may be up a lot in the night 😉

I’m constantly surprised by how little water people drink: it’s simple, effective – and free.  It helps you keep healthy.  What’s not to like?!


If you’d like to know more about how Acupuncture can improve your health, do get in touch.


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