Some of my patients have kindly agreed to share their experiences:

“We had been trying for a baby for a while, and every month was getting more frustrating. A friend recommended acupuncture and I decided to go and see Jeanie as I knew she would understand. Amazingly, the needles didn’t hurt, and I instantly felt calmer about the whole situation. A couple of months later… eureka! The blue line, at last! I now have a wonderful son, and couldn’t be more thankful for the treatment I received.”

– A.W

“I went to see Jeannie because I felt generally ‘meh’ all the time! I had headaches, was always tired and had bad dreams almost every night. Jeannie is so easy to talk to and within just a few sessions I started to feel the benefits. What I love most about this acupuncture is that it helps emotional issues, as well as physical. I can’t recommend Jeannie highly enough.”

– J.T

“I wasn’t sure that my other half was ever going to get a peaceful night of sleep ever again. I was uncontrollably shouting about apricots or other weird subjects all night every night! When I met Jeanie I asked her to make my sleep issues a high priority and she treated me with empathy, almost instantly solving my issues. Instead of talking constantly all night, I am now sleeping soundly every night, more to the point so is my other half…peace and quiet at last! Results were so quick. A massive recommendation to everyone, having acupuncture is the best thing I ever did. I love it the way I feel balanced after a session, the weeks between sessions are getting longer and longer, so the long term effects are obvious.”

– A.N

“I was experiencing various symptoms relating to the menopause and after having known Jeanie for a couple of years and having a huge fear of needles I plucked up the courage to go and see her. My fear of needles and inner panic was immediately put at ease with Jeanie explaining each step of the treatment, I have to admit I was rather sceptical but now I cannot imagine life acupuncture: I sleep so well, I feel so much calmer and I can cope with the various issues that life throws at me. It really is amazing and my hot flushes and various other symptoms of the menopause are now controlled. The thing that I like the most is she treats you as a person and asks lots of questions so she can fully understand the symptoms. I now see Jeanie every other month and I will continue to do this for the rest of my life. Thank you Jeanie.”

– L.R

“The thought of needles makes me squirm but Jeanie put me at ease in her wonderful treatment room and so far I have had 6 treatments from her and I can honestly say that needles are no longer a problem. The treatments I have had leave me feeling totally recharged and raring to go (apart from a quick nap afterwards) I no longer feel stressed in fact most things flow over me which it most certainly never used to, and the only thing I’ve done is to have acupuncture from Jeanie. I would recommend that you try it and see how it benefits you ……because believe me it will in more ways than one. I recommend it and Jeanie most highly. ”

– A.L

“I was unable to move on after a relationship breakup and so went to see Jeanie for an acupuncture treatment. To be honest, I wasn’t very confident that acupuncture was going to help at all, but I was at the ‘I’ll try anything stage’. After a series of treatments over a two week period, I was able to see and accept that a bright new stage of my life lay ahead of me. Not only that, but I was able to run smiling down my new path and enjoy life once more. I heartily recommend Jeanie to anyone else who feels ‘blocked’.”

– A.P

““I initially went to Jeanie for a crippling voice problem that had been affecting me for over a decade. Within the span of eight treatments, the voice problem is completely gone and I am enjoying the secondary effects. My concentration has improved, my emotions are less inconsistent and I can see improvements in my general well being.”

– SL