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3 Mistakes people make in Winter

Struggling with Winter?  You’re not the only one!  Five Element Acupuncture has some wonderful points to help people through the season they find most difficult, but there are also a couple of simple things you can do to help yourself.  Here’s the three mistakes that people make

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Past the Solstice…

Have you noticed it’s getting just a tiny bit lighter in the mornings & evenings?  Yes, we’re past 21 December, the point of lowest energy in the year.  Many people struggle in the winter, and think that there are months to go before Spring: the good news

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Seasonal Lows

Is it Autumn or Winter? It’s certainly dreary, with grey skys, rain, leaves whipping past the window: enough to dampen the spirits of even the hardened winter lover.  For many people from now until the Spring sunshine breaks through is a difficult time, despite even the Christmas

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