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Hayfever – are you struggling?

Hay bales

Glorious Sunshine, time to go to the park or sit out in the garden.  Not so great if you’ve got streaming eyes, a running nose and tickly throat… the downside of the good weather is that the pollen count rises and Hayfever strikes. Did you know that

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Can Acupuncture help you get pregnant?


Spring flowers are bursting through, chicks are hatching, lambs are being born.  You’re stuck with a pained smile on your face, congratulating the latest friend who has announced she’s pregnant, while secretly wondering “why not ME????” Getting pregnant is not always the easy business we expect it

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Relieve the Misery of Hayfever

While most of us have been enjoying some welcome sunshine over the last few weeks, summer spells misery for one particular group of people – hayfever sufferers. Hayfever affects around 20% of the UK population. There are two types of pollen which cause hayfever: tree pollen (early

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