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Pins and Needles? Try acupuncture needles!

cold hands

Did you know February is the coldest month of the year in the UK? As the cold bites, it’s vital to keep warm & protect your fingers and toes.  This is particularly important if you have poor circulation or suffer from Raynauds.  With Raynauds phenomenon, which affects

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cold hands

Winter is the most yin point of the year: dark, quiet, the season of rest. Nature conserves itself in stillness, stripped back to the essential.  Bare trees, less birdsong, hibernating animals, little activity in the garden – life seems dormant, waiting for Spring.  In being able to be

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5 Tips for a Healthy Autumn

Bowl of autumn fruit and nuts

            Brrr… it’s getting colder, germs are springing out of nowhere, and your energy levels are struggling.  Want to have a healthy, happy Autumn? Then read on! How to stay healthy in Autumn: 1. Wrap up well – Chinese Medicine describes a

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Why I’m (still) an Acupuncturist

Jeanie Gordon

11 years ago today I started to train as an Acupuncturist. At the time I had a one year old, a new house (with no curtains and not much furniture) and had just moved to a new area.  Bonkers?  Definitely!   I simply knew that, just as Five

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Autumn – The Metal Element

autumn toadstool

?              It’s Autumn.  Mornings have a crisp note in the air, and evenings are drawing in, in preparation for winter.    The last of the harvest is collected in, celebrated and stored. The seasonal equinox  last week (21 September) marked the

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