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cold hands

Winter is the most yin point of the year: dark, quiet, the season of rest. Nature conserves itself in stillness, stripped back to the essential.  Bare trees, less birdsong, hibernating animals, little activity in the garden – life seems dormant, waiting for Spring.  In being able to be

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Late Summer – The Earth Element

veg garden

In acupuncture, there are two summers. What?!!  Yes, really.  There is Summer – May & June, the time when everything is green, still pushing upwards with masses of energy. This has a very different feel to Late Summer – which kicks in about now, when the fields

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Summer – the Fire Element

Summer flowers Fire Element

Summer is upon us – nature is at its fullest. It’s the season of the Fire Element, the point of greatest yang: outgoing, active energy.  We can see it all around us in nature, with vibrant colours in the flowerbeds.  Trees, hedgerows and fields have filled out

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