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Clinic Open Day

Clinic Open Day 9th March 2016: 10am – 1pm, at J Gordon Acupuncture, Golden Cross, East Sussex I’m holding an Open Day in the clinic during Acupuncture Awareness Week. Come and take a look around the treatment room (and meet me!).  It’s a great opportunity to ask

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Learning – why it never stops

Jeanie Gordon

Why do acupuncturists do CPD (Continued Professional Development)?  Acupuncture is seen as a life-long learning.  I’ve just spent my last two weekends on courses with the eminent acupuncturist Niki Bilton.  The first weekend was spent looking at how we treat the Spirit: one of the main differences

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UK Acupuncture Awareness Week 2015


Here we go again…! March 2-8 2015 is Acupuncture Awareness Week in the UK.  What does this mean?  Why do I get involved?  As I wrote last year “Because I love what I do!  There is no better job satisfaction than seeing people happier and healthier” Acupuncture Awareness

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Infertility – what is the real cost?


            Lord Winston spoke recently at a conference on assisted genetics about the “real cost” of infertility. What struck me, reading his speech, was his reference to the emotional cost of infertility. Daily I see patients who are struggling through the infertility

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Past the Solstice…

Have you noticed it’s getting just a tiny bit lighter in the mornings & evenings?  Yes, we’re past 21 December, the point of lowest energy in the year.  Many people struggle in the winter, and think that there are months to go before Spring: the good news

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