So… why do I blog about the seasons? 

The ancient Chinese observed nature, and its fluctuations throughout the year.  They realised that, for a tree to be able to blossom, florish and grow, it had to have a period where it lost the leaves of the previous year (Autumn), had a rest period (Winter) so that it could grow and flower (Spring), mature (Summer) and fruit (Late Summer).  As such, nature achieved harmony, seemingly effortlessly producing healthy growth year after year.

They believed that the movement of nature through the five elements also occurred within us.  In order to have health, we need the balance of the five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth), and for energy to move through them – daily, monthly, yearly.  In recognising and working with these movements, people were healthy.

Today, most of us spend our lives rushing around at full pace, not giving our bodies and minds the space they need to rest and recover before the next period of growth and flowering.  By watching what is going on outside, in nature, we can learn a lot about how to respect our bodies, and conserve our energy and health. 

So, as we head towards the resting period of Winter, it’s ok to get under the duvet and hibernate a little – your body will thank you for it!

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  1. Beautiful insight Jeanie! Aaron

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