frozen plant in winter

Struggling with Winter?  You’re not the only one!  Five Element Acupuncture has some wonderful points to help people through the season they find most difficult, but there are also a couple of simple things you can do to help yourself.  Here’s the three mistakes that people make that I see on a regular basis – and what to do about them.


Common mistakes (yes, we’ve all done them!)

  1. Staying indoors. You may be desk-bound/somewhere that you hardly see daylight, and come home in the dark.  Studies have shown that getting outside and interacting with daylight not only raises Vitamin D levels but also raises mood.  So try and find a time to get outside in the daytime.  If it’s sunny, wrap up and go for a walk. If it’s not… wrap up and go for a walk! It’s the daylight that’s important (though a crisp blue sky and sunshine is just magical!)
  2. Eating comfort food.  Comfort food feels great (mashed potato… mmm!) – but a load of cake isn’t going to do either your waistline or your energy levels any good whatsoever.  Instead, try healthy comfort food (steaming bowls of soup, warming stews and chillis with plenty of beans or lentils, nourishing porridge with fresh fruit & seeds).  You’ll still get the comfort factor, but not the sugar slump later in the day.
  3. Thinking it’s going to be Winter forever.  21st December marks the solstice, after that the days are starting to get longer – a little more daylight every day. Nature is starting to stir: when you’re out and about, find some bulbs. Watch them over the next few weeks as you walk past them: the push upwards and outwards (in Acupuncture it’s known as moving from yin to yang) has begun.  Spring is on its way.


What does this have to do with Acupuncture?

In ancient China, as acupuncture evolved, it enveloped lifestyle:  the understanding of living with the seasons. In winter, we’re supposed to hibernate.  As Spring comes, and nature awakens, it’s time to start getting going again!  Understanding how to live with the seasons brings balance. If you need a little help, to remind your body what it should be doing naturally, get in touch.

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  1. A useful reminder – thank you!

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