With over 4 million Acupuncture sessions per year in the UK, it’s a widely used system of medicine.  A lot of people I speak to want to know a little more…

The top 5 questions I’m asked:

1. Does it hurt?  Patients do feel a sensation, but most describe it as a pull or dull ache.  It only lasts for a second or two – but the benefits last for longer!

2. Does it work? I believe so – otherwise I wouldn’t practise it!  Acupuncture works on the principle of identifying and treating the root cause of the problem, rather than individual symptoms.  We are, after all, not just a physical being – we have thoughts and emotions that shape us and influence our health.  As a patient’s energy is brought back into balance and harmony symptoms start to improve  – often the reason that the patient has come for treatment, but also other issues as well eg better sleeping patterns. Many people notice that they see other benefits, such as increased energy as well.

3. How many sessions will I need? Patients should start to see a difference in 4-6 sessions: the aim of treatment is to remind the patient’s energy how it should be behaving naturally (ie without insomnia/nausea/chronic back pain/tension headaches).  Initially I see people weekly, then start to space treatment out.  After that, it depends on the person. Much as I’d love to provide a one-session-cure-all, it you’ve suffered from a problem for years, it may take a little longer.

Often patients decide that they’d like a top up 3-4 times a year – like a car MOT – as it helps them stay in great health.

4. Is it expensive? Many private health schemes cover acupuncture eg WPA NHS top-up covers 4 sessions without the need for a referral.  It’s worth reading worth reading the small print of your health scheme, if you have one.

One thing to bear in mind is that if you are likely to have to have IVF, one session will cost approximately £5000.  10 sessions of acupuncture will cost £750 at average London prices and £450 outside London.

5. What if I’m scared of needles?  Acupuncture needles are much smaller than needles used for injections – they are only the width of one-two human hairs.  They are delicate, single use and disposable.  I’ve treated many patients who used to be scared of needles, who now tell me they find acupuncture very relaxing.

Want to know more about Acupuncture?

For more information, try the British Acupuncture Council, which is largest body of professional acupuncturists in the UK, with over 3000 members.  The website has masses of information including the answer to more common questions.

And, if you’d like to know more, get in touch!  You can phone or email me – details are on my website.

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