It’s Acupuncture Awareness Week in the UK 25 Feb – 3 March.    The British Acupuncture Council hopes that its members will help to promote this medicine – and so we should!  So what’s going on in my corner of the woods?

On the blog, I’ll be answering FAQs on acupuncture, talking about how to choose an acupuncturist, posting some photos of my lovely treatment room, and talking about the focus topic of the AAW campaign: sleep disorders.

On Facebook, there’ll be daily updates with comments my existing patients have made about their treatments, links to interesting press releases, research, and the like.  Most of which I’ll also tweet about.  Yes, I’m pushing my social media skills to the max!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in Acupuncture and finding out what it can do you for you, a good place to start is the British Acupuncture Council’s information page.  It has a wealth of information, and a handy tool that will show you your nearest acupuncturists when your type in your postcode.  Easy!

So watch this space (and the rest of the FB/Twitter stuff) for more info – and the chance for someone local to win some free treatments!

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