Did you know that, in the UK, 1/3 of all infertility has a male cause?  (1/3 is a female problem, 1/3 is “unexplained” – more of that in another post).  Just as worrying – sperm count has halved in the last forty years.

There are three factors that affect male fertility: sperm quantity, motility and morphology. In other words, how many, how well they swim and whether they are properly formed. So, in order to improve any – or all – factors, try these tips:

Top 5 tips:

  1. Have more sex. And at the right time of the month. I see so many couples app-watching for the time a woman ovulates. No – a sperm lives for 5 days, an egg for one. So you need plenty of healthy sperm in the right place before she ovulates.  If in doubt – every other day, to make sure that you are producing top quality sperm.
  2. Get a decent night’s sleep.  If you’re exhausted you won’t be up for much.  Get rid of the blue light (smartphones, tablets etc) in the bedroom and make time for each other.
  3. Eat healthily.  You don’t have to knock back a green smoothie every morning if you don’t want to, but sensible, non-processed food and the occasional glass of wine is fine.  Steak, homemade chips, plenty of veg and a glass of wine…. sounds pretty good to me!  Add in plenty of water to keep hydrated. Oh, and don’t skip breakfast. You wouldn’t drive your car to work without petrol, so don’t do the same to your body.
  4. Boxers, not briefs. Nature made testicles hang slightly lower than the rest of the body to keep them a couple of degrees cooler – men wearing boxers have been shown to have 25% less DNA damage to their sperm.
  5. Exercise sensibly.  Cycling can lower sperm quality (due to the position of the prostate on the saddle) whilst jogging can boost sperm count.  There are plenty of options for exercise out there, so find something else you enjoy doing. If it helps you de-stress, so much the better.

I treat a lot of people for fertility, both men and women.  How does acupuncture help fertility?  Well, as a Five Element Acupuncturist, I don’t look at the symptom, but at the cause.  Stress, weight gain or loss, too much work and not enough play?  All play a part in the body getting out of balance.  And, when the body is out of balance, our bodies stop doing what they should be doing naturally. Be that keeping your temper at work, getting a decent nights sleep, or getting your wife or girlfriend pregnant.  My job is to identify what isn’t working, and bring the body back into balance, both physically and mentally, so that you operate at full health.

And remember: you need just one healthy sperm, at the right time, with one healthy egg.  Sometimes you just need a little help in upping the odds that that happens.

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