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Almost Spring


  How do you define Spring? Green shoots abound in my garden, tiny specks of promise amidst the bleakness of winter.  They provide acid green accents between the muted colours that surround them.  Snowdrops provide a splash of purity of white, their tiny blooms bobbing on the

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3 Mistakes people make in Winter

Struggling with Winter?  You’re not the only one!  Five Element Acupuncture has some wonderful points to help people through the season they find most difficult, but there are also a couple of simple things you can do to help yourself.  Here’s the three mistakes that people make

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cold hands

Winter is the most yin point of the year: dark, quiet, the season of rest. Nature conserves itself in stillness, stripped back to the essential.  Bare trees, less birdsong, hibernating animals, little activity in the garden – life seems dormant, waiting for Spring.  In being able to be

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A guide to moxa (or why I set light to people)

Moxa – a key part of acupuncture.  In fact the word “acupuncture” means needles and moxibustion. Therapeutic use of heat has been used for many years, in many different ways, so here’s a quick guide to how acupuncturists use heat in the treatment room. Moxi-what? Moxa is

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Can Acupuncture help Fertility?

fertility - babies feet

Struggling to get Pregnant? You know the score: all your friends are popping babies out like there’s no tomorrow.  But you’ve just had your period.  Again.  The clock’s ticking, you’re both fed up of baby-sex, and nothing – just nothing – seems to be working.  A friend

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