The Five Elements

What are the Five Elements?  We all have the five elements within us: Wood (growth, direction), Fire (warmth, love), Earth (centring, harvest), Metal (our ability to feel grief) and Water (stillness, quietness, will).  Between them, they constitute the whole of life in nature – and the ancient Chinese believed that

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The Wood Element

The Wood Element is the element related to spring: that of nature bursting forth, the vibrancy of fresh blossom, the dynamic growth of a new plant, forcing its way upwards through the soil.  All around me I can see colour coming through: gentle yellow of primroses, cheery bright yellows of daffodils, pure whitness

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What’s this blogging anyway?

So, a couple of lines about my blog – what it aims to achieve, etc…  as someone who doesn’t have a collosal marketing department (or budget) behind them, the best way I know of enthusing, exciting and motivating people is to speak to them with honesty, directness,

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