Seasonal Lows

Is it Autumn or Winter? It’s certainly dreary, with grey skys, rain, leaves whipping past the window: enough to dampen the spirits of even the hardened winter lover.  For many people from now until the Spring sunshine breaks through is a difficult time, despite even the Christmas

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News from the Treatment Room

I’m pleased to say that I’ve been asked to be one of the therapists at the Michelham Unit in Eastbourne District General Hospital Their aim is to promote health through a range of therapies and consultations which are open to all (not just the hospital patients).   I’ll still

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It’s been a while…

Ok, it’s been a loooong while since I’ve posted anything. I could give the excuse of working hard/school holidays/my large veg garden needing a lot of work over the summer. It’s probably better to come clean and say that I wasn’t happy with how the bog looked.

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Depression – and what to do about it

“Depression is the loneliest condition on the planet even though tens of millions suffer from it”.  Mark Rice-Oxley, journalist 22 April was the start of UK Depression Awareness Week.  No, I haven’t seen much about it in the press either.   Which is tragic because depression is one of the

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A Healthy 2012

What is the difference between a New Year’s Resolution and a step towards a healthy future?  The majority of the former have probably been lost by the wayside by the end of January, particularly if they involve denial (giving anything up)…. the later will hopefully last as you

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