What are the Five Elements?  We all have the five elements within us: Wood (growth, direction), Fire (warmth, love), Earth (centring, harvest), Metal (our ability to feel grief) and Water (stillness, quietness, will).  Between them, they constitute the whole of life in nature – and the ancient Chinese believed that what existed in nature also exists in us. 

Each element is linked to a season – Wood to the growth of Spring, Fire to the intensity and heat of summer, Earth to the harvest of late summer, Metal to the quality and sadness of Autumn, and Water to the stillness and resiliance of Winter.

When they are in balance, we can move between the emotions, enjoying each in balance. When they aren’t – one tends to go under first, just as we have a weak spot “it’s always my back/left heel/sleep pattern that goes first”.  Over a period of time, this leads to either physically or emotional illness, or simply a feeling of “not quite me”.   Rebalancing your energy brings back the health and vitality that we all should have access to. 

Simple, elegant, effective.  I like it!

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