Summer flowers

Summer is upon us – nature is at its fullest. It’s the season of the Fire Element, the point of greatest yang: outgoing, active energy.  We can see it all around us in nature, with vibrant colours in the flowerbeds.  Trees, hedgerows and fields have filled out – it never seems to stop!  Sunshine brings brilliance to the colours, and long days to enjoy the outside.

The Fire Element

In the cycle of the Five Elements, summer is linked to Fire.  Summer is the moment when we pause after the hard work in the garden during Spring, before the harvest. We enjoy the long evenings, the warmth of the weather, the company of friends, with enthusiasm, optimism, spontaneity and joy.  Following the drive and direction of Wood, Fire allows us to mature our plans and bring them to reality.

The Fire Element is enshrined in love: our ability to love others, but also to be loved ourselves.  When Fire is working well, its warmth and affection helps us to create and maintain friendships, and to nourish relationships. The joy it creates within us shines out, enabling us to get through hard times.  Fire gives us maturity: the knowledge of who we are – and the ability to live with that knowledge.

Just as a lack of fire results in feeling without spark, and a lack of “joie de vivre” so an excess of fire can also bring problems: constant search for self-fulfillment, being simply too full-on, or burning out.  A healthy balance of fire – in conjunction with the other elements is what we’re after.

We all have all five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) in us.  When they are balanced, our energy flows well. When not… we feel out of sorts, not ourselves.  If you’re not feeling quite yourself, or ready to embrace the sociable side of you, get in touch… Acupuncture helps restore the natural balance of energy within us to help us back to health.

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